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How to delete remote Git branch references that no longer exist in the remote. redalemeden.com/microblog/post

My Screen Time summary for last week. The time I used to spend on Twitter and Mastodon has shifted to reading, writing, and—ahem—browsing Reddit.


Not long ago, I started toying with the idea of rolling out a custom-built microblog instead of relying on third party platforms. Today, I am happy to launch a modest first iteration…


This is good news for the creative community at large, especially as Blender seems to be heading in the right direction UX-wise, making 3D modeling more accessible. blender.org/press/epic-games-s

If you’re still trying to wrap your around what SwiftUI’s GeometryReader/Proxy are capable of, you won’t find a better resource than this series of articles. Well written and even better researched. swiftui-lab.com/

While is stealing the thunder of UI/AppKit, understanding how stacking views work on a deeper level is timeless knowledge. Every platform implementation is a slight rearrangement of the same concepts, incl. CSS flexbox and SwiftUI H/V/Z stacks.

I’m super thrilled to be a guest writer on NSHipster, a site I’ve learnt so much from throughout the years.


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