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When you switch to DuckDuckGo, you might think, "But WADDLE I do to get totally away from Google?"

Beyond search and tracker blocking, check out our list of private alternatives worth considering for email, messaging, and more:

Adobe is still the absolute worst. if you have a team, you have to go through support to cancel any subscription if you need less licenses. Why does this company still exist?

Think about how many times in a day on the Web you click “I agree” when you really don’t agree just so you can get on with your day and use an everyday thing.

This is not how consent is supposed to work.


How did we let the Web get to this point. All I wanted to do was read this blog post.

Bird site is still shite. Just in case you're wondering.

I am having too much fun with this redesign. Also I don't miss Web design.

I'm live on Twitch! Super Smash Ultimate: Character Unlock Session

For anyone who is uncomfortable with the multi-column layout of default Mastodon, check out the webapp - it's single-column with tabs.

Pokémon Let’s Go could be much much more enjoyable with Pro Controller support. The Pokéball experience is subpar beyond the novelty and excitement of the first few hours.

Functional Swift Conference 2018 is happening today but it's a bummer that they have no stream.

So I named my rival Blue, only to realize Blue is already in the game. 🤦‍♀️

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