This is good news for the creative community at large, especially as Blender seems to be heading in the right direction UX-wise, making 3D modeling more accessible.

If you’re still trying to wrap your around what SwiftUI’s GeometryReader/Proxy are capable of, you won’t find a better resource than this series of articles. Well written and even better researched.

@stevestreza Lots to wrap my head around first but I'll reach out if anything come up! 🙏

@stevestreza Awesome stuff! Is your Gatsby site open source by the way? Curious to see how you handled certain details that I’m dealing with myself.

While is stealing the thunder of UI/AppKit, understanding how stacking views work on a deeper level is timeless knowledge. Every platform implementation is a slight rearrangement of the same concepts, incl. CSS flexbox and SwiftUI H/V/Z stacks.

I’m super thrilled to be a guest writer on NSHipster, a site I’ve learnt so much from throughout the years.

Animated GIF support in SwiftUI. Still WIP, but happy with the progress so far. 🤓

Mastodon single column is looking neat. I've never used Tweetdeck outside of work and I was not a huge fan of how Mastodon implemented multi-column layouts.

Pokémon SwSh Thoughts 

This year’s WWDC is my favorite since the original Swift announcement. Apple did everything I could have ever hoped for, and then some more. Currently writing a short piece about the importance and timing of SwiftUI.

First post from @mastonaut on Mac! I think this is the first native Mac app for Mastodon to my knowledge. Congratulations @brunoph! 🎆

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