I’m back to in-depth technical writing, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Stay tuned 😉

I’ve been checking birdsite only once a week and I’ve never felt better. I will still keep the account for the extra follower reach but updates will be few and far in-between.

You don't have to be paranoid to want better privacy online. @michaelgrothaus provides a guide for "enhanced privacy", with tips including:

• Switch to DuckDuckGo
• Use a privacy-focused browser
• Use a VPN fastcompany.com/90316917/the-p

@mattro Thanks for the tip! I changed the theme and it definitely looks better.

@mattro The web interface for now 😞 No other app stood out to me. I will also consider starting working on one.

I’m really done with this app. Too many trinkets, crashes at every turn, and jank everywhere.

I appreciate the effort the developer is putting into it, but I think they are focusing on the wrong aspects.

I’m not going to WWDC this year. I can’t justify the cost anymore. There are other smaller events and communities that are far more valuable for me to part of right now.

@tonyarnold It was always buggy for me. I wish it was open-source so I could send some PRs.

"We value your privacy." No you don't.

If you did you wouldn't be interrupting my task to ask me whether I want to share my browser fingerprint with +20 advertising networks.

@tonyarnold My only wish is that Marzipan supports voice commands so that I can say “Hey Marzipan, make a subscription-based todo list app for me” and it just works.

Ever wondered why mainstream social media platforms offer a much worse UX to guest visitors compared to logged in ones? (Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)

It’s because they no longer rely on good UX to attract new users. Their massive size and the network effect that comes with that is the only mean of acquisition they rely on.

@Eramdam These are consumable I assume? When you run out of them you need to buy more as DLC. It’s a new business model 😂

“We Need Chrome No More” is now translated to French by the nice folks over at @Framasoft “Nous devons nous dépasser de Chrome”


@aral Great piece. I often think about this and I end up wondering about how hardware innovation could happen in this alternative model. Unlike software, it gets much harder to achieve without capital resources. But we need to start somewhere.

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